True automation of life's most important process is tested and available. What to expect, and does Tesler bring as much benefit and joy as YouTube? Yes, it does. Things to expect are below.


First, let's figure out how it works. The auto trading algorithm consistently picks up profitable trades in the same way YouTube or Tik Tok recommends videos. The YouTube algorithm analyzes what you liked and watched to the end, at what speed you watched, and even what moments you reviewed. Based on this, the algorithm offers you content with very high accuracy. Also, Both YouTube and Tesler software work on independent servers to secure users.



The algorithm selects profitable deals more often than a living person because it is impartial. Before the conclusion, the program analyzes a vast array of data: the value of assets, the interest of sellers and buyers, the geopolitical situation, the social networks of world opinion leaders, and, of course, insider information about the state of the market. If YouTube had as much information about you as Tesler collects from the market, you would enjoy watching 98 out of 100 videos with pleasure and benefit.



For the algorithm to resell something, it first needs to buy liquid assets. These can be cryptocurrencies, company shares, or other financial instruments. If you want help to choose the right for you, keep in mind the professional consultants of the company save a lot of time. After the launch of the Tesler algorithm, everything is simple: the more assets you have, the more likely it is that following successful transactions will multiply the initial investment by 2, 5, 10, or more times.


Finite cryptocurrencies noticeably benefit against the background of any state currencies during periods of inflation. It is when the state prints tons of money unsupported by the country's achievements. You get the point if you already have digital assets, and if you just decide to purchase, you'll see for yourself. The value of ordinary money, gold, or the same Bitcoin is conditional. It means the states agreed that rare, hard-to-find metal is expensive, and its quantity guarantees wealth to the country. But paying for a hotel, car, or similar purchase with gold is challenging compared to paying in cryptocurrency.

"This will continue until everyone swears not to buy any tokens, cryptocurrencies, or stocks ever again."

Michael J Burry – could see his phenomenal investment talent in The Big Short, played by Christian Bale

In 2021, Michael J. Burry said that he considers cryptocurrencies relevant at present, like most. Burry became an opinion leader right after he predicted the collapse of the US real estate market and mortgage lending in 2008 and made a fortune on it. He comments on the dawn of the auto trading algorithm with the following words:

"It is prevalent. Governments will simply be forced to destroy it. Governments like to control their currency. So when something comes up that could threaten that control, they will do everything to eliminate it. So rush."


The auto trading program will follow your guides first. Are you sure that the depreciated shares of Apple or Tesla, for example, will rise in price by next summer? Then these shares will remain at your disposal until you decide their price has grown enough to sell them yourself.


Where do you get profitable stocks? If the algorithm considers purchasing them a good deal, you will only have to ensure it has enough funds to get trade. A user's personal cabinet will provide all the necessary information for further asset management. If you want to delve into these details, of course.


Do you consider $4,000, for example, to bring as much joy and benefit as YouTube? Although Tesler's and YouTube's working algorithms are similar, the goals are different. Video hosting needs your full attention, but the Tesler program works independently, so you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. For those who have not tried auto trading before, choosing what is more addictive is hard. But statistics show that those earning more than or near $3,000 have other things to do besides watching YouTube.

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